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About Me


Welcome to Sarah Bigley Beauty, although this website is more about you, I'm going to share a little bit about me. I am Sarah Bigley, married to a precious man and blessed to be the mommy of a little boy. My journey in the beauty industry started in 2008 where I started  cosmetology school in Germany.

The process of schooling is a little different than here in the U.S. I went through 2.5 years of intense full time schooling to then successful graduate with my journeyman license in cosmetology.

A little later I decided to add some more training and went through a full time training course to get my license as a make up artist and fashion stylist. I love what I do and so I decided to finish with another full time training course to achieve my masters license in cosmetology, which is the highest degree reachable as a hairstylist in Germany.


I am passionate about my profession and I love to give every client the best experience! I am mainly focused in different hair coloring techniques, like balayage, different highlighting and other techniques as well as updos and make up. We will talk about your wishes and dreams and then create together a look that is perfectly tailored for you. So when you leave the salon you will look and feel amazing.

I look forward to meet you!


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